Sustainable Development

Located in the heart of nature, le Puy du Fou has obtained the Green Globe label which rewards each year the tourist sites implementing demanding policies for sustainable development. With Epique Studio, we wish to extend these commitments to the audiovisual field.

Short Circuit

Your meals at the Puy du Fou will be entirely locally sourced.  With more than 300 suppliers in the Vendée, we have the most variable options.

Food Aperitif Puy du Fou Epic Studio

An Forward-Thinking Environmental Approach

Le Puy du Fou has Five Main Lines of Action:

  • Manage our Waste by Re-Using a Large Proportion of Recovered Waste,
  • Manage our energy consumption by using new, more energy-efficient equipment,
  • Preserve water resources by controlling our drinking water consumption with new, more efficient equipment, but also by ensuring optimal treatment of our wastewater discharges.
  • To protect biodiversity through internal programs on-site and also investing in national and international conservation programs for wild species and their habitats.
  • Raise awareness among visitors and employees about the preservation of natural sustainability.
Plaine Française Epique Studio Campagne Environment

Animal Welfare

You will find information here on the actions we take to ensure animal welfare at the Puy du Fou.

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Production Shoots  in France help Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Budget constraints sometimes force you to shoot abroad. We build a competitive and complete offer to allow you to shoot in France and thus reduce flights and your carbon footprint.

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