Animal Welfare

We place animal welfare at the heart of our priorities and are constantly striving for excellence in these areas. Our animal caretakers are passionate and work 7  days a week, 365 days a year, to take care of the 1500 animals that live on the Puy du Fou site.


Our 230 horses, mostly Lusitano thoroughbreds, are trained and cared for at the Equestrian Academy. They are true top-level sportsmen and women pampered by the Puy du Fou's veterinarians and caretakers. Our team works hard every day to offer them a diet combining health and pleasure.

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The Animal Conservatory

We also invest in the preservation of sensitive and endangered species. Le Puy du Fou holds the record for the number of animal species saved and perpetuated in the Great West and thus protects endangered or threatened farm animals such as the Poitou monkfish, the Bayeux pig, the Poitou goat, the Poitou ditch goat, the Poitou goose, etc.

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Since its creation, the Académie de Fauconnerie has invested in many actions (financial support, making its teams available, donations of birds for reintroduction) and is involved, both nationally and internationally, in actions to protect endangered bird species. It thus participates in European breeding programs, one of the objectives of which is the reintroduction of wild animals into the natural environment.

Among its Actions:

  • le Puy du Fou financially supports various conservation projects, including three "ambassador programmes": the BioAndina Foundation (which protects the Andean condor, in Argentina), the Endangered Wildlife Trust (which protects the African white-backed vulture, in South Africa), the Vulture Conservation Foundation (which protects European vultures, in Europe).
  • le Puy du Fou is constantly raising the awareness of its teams and visitors to the conservation of species. Inviting them to take part, in the very heart of the Puy du Fou, in the International Awareness Vulture Day.
  • le Puy du Fou Participates in Various Reintroduction Programs.
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