A production hub with 1000 acres of buildable space, sound stage, sets, services and trained animals.

Exclusive partner of the Puy du Fou

2h30 from Paris & 1h from Nantes International Airport

Facebook Logo Epique Studio

Facebook Logo Epique Studio

30% to 40% tax rebate for international productions

Eternels directed by Bruno Aveillan
and produced by Quad Productions

entirely shot at the Puy du Fou
"I was really impressed with the quality of their infrastructure. It's absolutely remarkable."
Gwendal Bescond
Head decorator
"An offer like Epique Studio's is unique in the world and opens up real prospects."
Nicolas Coppermann
Endemol France - Chairman (2013-2020)
"Extremely varied services in the service of the imagination."
Eugenio Recuenco
"Having all these services in one place provides real production comfort."
Nicolas Pollet Villard
"It's rare that one says that, but it's even better in real life than in a photo!"
Guinal Riou
Production Manager
"With all of these options for sets, we'll be able to immerse the audience in expansive and powerful universes."
Franck Schwarz
Head decorator
"The quality of their services is reflected in their live-performances, irreproachable! These unmatched production conditions really enhance the creative level of anything we are attempting to produce."
Nicolas Gandrillon
The Big Words - Founder Associate
"Such a useful tool in our profession is so rare. Its' unrivaled nature will be a huge draw for both French and foreign projects to the region."
Claude Albouze
Production Manager
"A studio like the one at Epique greatly improves to the existing infrastructure and allows us to expand regional filming."
Sybil Esterez
Production Manager
"The people here have been extraordinary, always trying their best to help us achieve the best creations possible."
Finlay Mackay

A single point of contact for all production needs

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+ (33) 2 52 14 85 90
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